I'm an award-winning graphic designer with over 24 years’ industry experience. I'm driven to produce effective visual communication and I work across a diverse range of disciplines for numerous international brands, start-ups and local companies from multiple sectors.

I've done my time and know what I'm doing – I graduated from Junior Designer to Studio Manager to Senior Designer; and then from Head of Design to Creative Director in design agency, publishing and traditional reprographic roles. My most recent full-time position (for 16 years) was Head of Design at Vertebrate Graphics. For the last three years, I worked as their Creative Director. Having spent many successful years with VG, I decided to leave the business in 2017 to pursue other opportunities – namely to start Ryder Design, offering graphic design, book design and editing services. Since March 2017 working as a freelancer, things have gone from strength-to-strength. That said, I always want to work with new people and do new things so drop me a line.

Some of my past (and present), clients include Sandstone Press, And Other Stories, fotoVUE, Vertebrate Publishing, Rab, Mountain Equipment, Alpkit, Jagged Globe, Scarpa, Deuter, the BMC, the National Trust, Sir Chris Bonington, Sheffield University, Sheffield College, ESSE, Young's, McVitie's and many more – I take pride in maintaining excellent working relationships with my clients.

I'm an organised, enthusiastic, quick, accurate and talented strategic thinker. I'm passionately committed to the design industry, and keen to work with forward-looking clients and creative teams. I'm always on the look out for new and exciting opportunities – give me a shout, and let's make some sweet design together!


If you're in need of any graphic design, publishing or book design, please contact me and let me know your requirements.

I offer a wide range of services at good rates, but if what you require is not shown below, please get in touch anyway – it will either be something I can do, or I'll have a contact who has the know-how. I offer good competitive rates on high-quality large-format printing for posters, banners, pop-ups, exhibition displays, vehicle wraps and all types of signage.

If you're a design agency in need of some help with your workflow, and you're looking for a competent, fast, accurate, experienced graphic designer, I'm your man. I can either work at your place or mine – I would love to hear from you.


Book Design is a highly specialised discipline – if it's not done right it shows! I can design and produce your books to a high professional standard. I have specialist publishing contacts who can project-manage the print and delivery of your books.


Exhibitions can be expensive – I can offer great design coupled with competitive rates on high-quality large-format printing for posters, banners, pop-ups, exhibition displays and all types of signage.


Old Skool will never die! Believe it or not, people still love to read from real pages whether it's a brochure, magazine, book or flyer. I live for print; the feel of it; the look of it; and yes, the smell of it … yeah, yeah, I can hear you – "what a geek".


I work with a professional editor who has edited award-winning titles. An A level English tutor for over 13 years, she still teaches part-time in school and gives private tuition. NB: I wrote my own copy for this site – any mistakes are mine!


If people don't know you exist they're not going to find you. Advertising works – digital or traditional print, you just have to do it. Don't rely on search engines to list you – advertise!


I can offer website UI design (user interface). I sub-contract any coding or building work to professional web developers. Or, if you prefer, I can produce a Squarespace site for you.


It's true – your brand is so important. It's not just a logo quickly thrown together that doesn't mean anything. It certainly should not be an 'off-the-shelf' branding template you just add your name to. Get one that is bespoke; get it done professionally – it's your shop window and you want people to come in.


It's incredibly important that your artwork is done correctly and is error-free. Very few designers would admit they're not that keen on artworking; they want to do the creative stuff. Same here. That said, I do offer high-quality artworking – I'm precise, quick, knowledgeable and efficient.


People like to convey a message or express a feeling through what they wear – T-shirts are a good way of showing loyalty to a brand, idea, product or just that you have a sense of humour.


I prefer to work from my studio at home, but I can work from any studio or place of work within a reasonable distance of Sheffield. Drop me a line so we can talk.


I'm approachable, I'm easy to get on with, I'm fair, my rates are fair, I'm honest, I'm hard-working, I like to have a laugh and I've trained for a long time – this is how I earn my living. Therefore, I don't do free work and I don't do pitches.

This article explains where I'm coming from far better than I can –
please excuse some of the potty-mouthed language.

A small selection of my T-shirts, printed on 100% organic cotton, can be bought from ryderdesign.teemill.com
Or, there's a larger range here: ryderdesign.threadless.com